Books and Catalogues

Bonnie Kemske
The Teabowl: East and West

Cavin-Morris Gallery, Catalogue for exhibition
"Earth Skin"
New York, NY

Hiram Butler Gallery, Catalogue for exhibition
"Prints and Pots"
Houston, TX

Erskine, Hall & Coe Gallery, Catalogue for exhibition
"Matthew Harris & Tim Rowan"
London, UK

Randall Morris, Catalogue for solo exhibition
"New Works" at Cavin-Morris Gallery
New York, NY

Edmund De Waal,
The Pot Book
2011 [PDF]

Articles and Reviews

Roger Whittaker, "Portfolio: Tim Rowan"
Works & Conversations
No. 33, 2017

Randall Morris, "New Works by TIM ROWAN"
NEW CERAMICS - The European Ceramics Magazine
Issue 3, 2014 [PDF]

"Speciale - 2013 ICMEA Conference"
la Ceramica Moderna & Antica- Italy
No. 283-284, 2014 [PDF]

Tony Birks
"Classic and Contemporary | Erskine, Hall, & Coe"
Ceramics: Art & Perception
No. 93, 2013 [PDF]

"4th International Ceramic Magazine
Editors Symposium 2013,"
Monthly Ceramic Magazine - Korea,
No. 211, Vol. 18, 2013 [PDF]

"The Inaugural Janet Mansfield Award
To Tim Rowan (USA)"
D'A - Italy,
No. 92, May-August 2013 [PDF]

"The First Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award"
No. 2, 2013 [PDF]

Sharbani Das Gupta, "Tim Rowan: An Artists Way,"
Ceramics Ireland
Issue 32, 2013 [PDF]

Janet Koplos, "Tim Rowan: Time Again,"
Ceramics: Art & Perception,
No. 90, 2012 [PDF]

Ann Hutton, "In mineral time: Vly artist Tim Rowan's stone sculptures" Hudson Valley Almanac

Shawn Hill, "Reviews: Massachusetts, Tim Rowan"
Art New England
Sept/Oct 2011 [PDF]

Susan Hodara, "18 Very Different Pieces of Clay"
New York Times
Oct 2010 [PDF]

Scott Norris, "Tim Rowan: Patience and Surprise"
Ceramics: Art and Perception
No. 77, 2009 [PDF]

Eri Irisawa, "Anagama no Tougeikatachi"
Tojiro- Japan
Nov. 16, 2006 [PDF]

"Portfolio, Tim Rowan"
American Craft
Oct/Nov 2004 [PDF]

Jeff Shapiro, "Tim Rowan"
Ceramics Monthly
Feb. 2002 [PDF]

Chris Staley, "A Potter Taking a Stand,"
Ceramics: Art and Perception
No. 47, 2002 [PDF]

Selected Website Listings

"Exhibition | Tim Rowan 'Transitions' at Lacoste Gallery, Concord"
C-File online

Paula Kupfer
Photo by Christian Hansen
"Photographer and Filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman Curates a Show Featuring 'In-Betweenness'"
Surface Magazine

Cover Profile "Tim Rowan"
Ceramics Now

Lauren Streib,
"The Artists Of The House Of Waris Rare -Tim Rowan"
Lifestyle Mirror

Sara Japanese Pottery
"Top#1 in New York : Tim Rowan Polished Sculptural Box"
Yareah Magazine

Kristin Tice Studeman,
"10 NYC Influencers, Endless Gift Ideas, - Celebrity Wish Lists"
Refinery 29